Career Profiling for Independent High Schools

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Our Career Development Program is available to schools in Eastern Australia.  Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne are our staffed locations.  However we can service other areas using our online profiling system.  If interviews are chosen, these can be done via Facetime or Skype.  

However schools can provide their own feedback sessions for students in conjunction with our workbook, if career personnel or teachers complete our 2-day Accreditation Program.



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Our approach is based on the principals of Positive Psychology.  We believe that successful career planning grows out of a positive outlook on life and events, and from embracing what is good in our lives.

Career Avenues has developed an extensive database of over 1300 occupations over the last 2 decades which are matched against each of the elements in our profiles.  

In Stage 1, students receive exploratory lists of around 40 career areas, consistent with their aptitudes, interests and personal style. They also receive a Career Development Workbook to guide them in their exploration.  

In Stage 2, they complete several additional questionnaires which allow these lists to be further refined.

Our assessment procedures are designed to help students discover more about themselves relatively quickly and to use this information to kick start their career exploration process.  The profiles provide information which helps Year 10 student's make subject choices for Years 11 and 12 and to start thinking about exciting career alternatives. 

Students complete the Stage 1 profiling instruments in a 3-4 hour test session, or online.  Stage 2 takes only an hour.  We then provide individual reports within around 3 weeks. Students receive their report back in a feedback session either with us, or with someone from the school.  Various alternatives are available and can be discussed with us.

Here are some recent comments from students and parents about our program:

I found this very helpful in two respects: firstly that it helped me in thinking about what comes after undergraduate studies as there is very little information about this in circulation.   It was also helpful in allowing me to rule out careers I thought I would like to do but wouldn’t be suited to me.

I really enjoyed my career profiling session.   I learnt a great deal and I feel inspired to really dive further into more research for my future.

I believe that the Career Avenues profiling session has been extremely helpful in assisting my decision of a career path.  I would recommend it to other students.  Thank you!

It was very good at giving you a clear idea of what careers suit your personality.  I would recommend it to anyone!

It was so good that my Mum is considering getting my sister to complete this profiling assessment.  Lots of useful information.

Our recent survey results from our school clients and parents were overwhelmingly positive about the value of our career profiling process.

1.   The Assessment Session 

Year 10   (Stage 1)  Exploratory Profile Report:  

In this 3 1/2 hour assessment session students complete the material which we will use to write their profile.  Career Avenues staff will conduct this session.  We supply all materials in one large group at school and takes just under 4 hours, including a 20 minute break.

We can use conventional test booklets and hard copy answer recording, or, if students have notebook computers, it is more cost effective to complete the material online. 

Online: Schools can also conduct the testing themselves over several school lessons, using the online system.  This allows schools to participate with only small numbers of students.

Stage 1 covers: 

  • CA Type for Teenagers Personality Profile 
  • Aptitude Profile 
    • abstract reasoning
    • verbal reasoning
    • numerical reasoning
    • attention to detail
    • understanding the physical world (mechanical reasoning)
    • spatial reasoning  
    • Career Interest Profile
    • Career Examples 

    Career Avenues has developed an extensive database of over 1300 occupations over the last 2 decades which are matched against each of the elements in our profiles. 

     Year 11 or 12  (Stage 2)   Focused Profile Report: 

    Schools conduct this one hour assessment session for Stage 2 themselves.  This is normally done online, although paper and pencil is also available.  

    Stage 2 covers:

    • Work Values Profile
    • Work Environment Preferences
    • Career Interest Inventory Update
    • Aptitudes and Personality Elements from the Stage 1 Profile
    • Career Examples— a refined list of career ideas using all of the elements in Stage 1 and 2 profiles.

     2.    Profile Reports

    Within 3 weeks of the testing, the careers adviser will receive the students' reports.  

     3.    Student Feedback 

    Each student receives their report back in a feedback session. Schools can provide this themselves where they have trained staff who have completed our Accreditation Program. Feedback can be in a group or individual format. 

    Schools can also elect to use Career Avenues counsellors to provide individual interviews. The interviews are normally either 25 or 30 minutes long.  Interested parents may attend these interviews where the 30 minute option is adopted. 

      4.    Career Development Workbooks

    With the Stage 1 report, students are provided with a Career Development Workbook to guide them through the use of their profile. The exercises help students evaluate career options using the information in their profile. With Stage 2, students receive the Career and Course Workbook designed to help them focus on course research.

    Workbooks can be used in class or as an individual aid in further career exploration.

    Our program can be modified and adapted to meet the specific requirements of each client school.

    We aim to inspire students to imagine amazing futures for themselves and to aim high.  We never tell students what they "should" do.  Instead we try to open their horizons and encourage them to get excited about their future.

     Further information including pricing is available by contacting Marian Kratzing at or phoning (61) 1300 764 641.

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