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Life by Design is a personal development program for high school students based on Positive Psychology and Mindfulness

It presents a clear 3 Stage approach to creating a happy, fulfilled and stimulating life with illustrations and examples, and class and homework exercises to illustrate the ideas presented each lesson.

The course is available both online and in hard copy for schools.  Teachers can order a free evaluation copy by calling on the number below.

The Life by Design text can be ordered online:

Life by Design  $19.99 AUD    

 Stage 1

Steps to Well-Being

How to create happiness for yourself and others around you

Step 1      Stay Positive 
Step 2      Engage Fully with Activities
Step 3      Create Positive Relationships
Step 4      Find your own Meaning in Life
Step 5      Use your Signature  Strengths

Stage 2

Manage Yourself Well

How to manage yourself and your own reactions

Step 6       Discover the Quiet Mind 
Step 7       Manage Stress Well
Step 8       Act or React
Step 9       Change to Positive Gear

Stage 3

Develop Resilience

How to develop resilience to cope with the uncertainties of life

Step 10      Be Optimistic
Step 11     Create Goodwill towards Others
Step 12     Cultivate your Strengths
Step 13     Choose your Thoughts
Step 14     Deal with Icebergs
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The Best Life addresses career development in its broader context as defined by the Australian Blueprint for Career Development

The Best Life is available to teachers for evaluation from Marian Kratzing at or

phone 1300 764 641.  Please call to discuss if you are interested. 




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