Career Avenues offers online private career counselling & profiling for anyone exploring career options

Cost: $350

Career Profile Report & Interview

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Career Profiling can help you match your:

aptitudes, interests, values & personality with suitable career choices.

Our career counselling service including completing a profile first and then using that as the basis for a career counselling session.  Our career profiles include not just an interest inventory, as many other services provide, but a comprehensive assessment of personality, aptitudes, interests and work values and the integration of these to give some stimulating career ideas to explore. 

You can complete all the elements (tests and questionnaires) online.  We then prepare your Career Profile Report and arrange a personal or online interview with you.  Personal interviews are available in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Career Avenues offers private Career Profiling to anyone trying to plan their career.  

Our clients include high school students, university students, and young and older adults seeking to change or clarify their career directions.   We also help women wanting to return to work after a career break and people wanting to make a major career change. For mature clients, extended interviews and subsequent interviews can be arranged when you book your interview.

There are ten different elements to complete online.  It takes around 2 1/2 hours to complete everthing, but no one item takes more than around 20 minutes.  Therefore you can complete a profile over a few days or a week.

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The Elements of a Career Profile 

Aptitudes: our focus is on your key areas of strength. We can assess your:

1.   Abstract Reasoning - visual or pattern based problem solving

2.   Verbal Reasoning - ability to reason using words

3.   Numerical Reasoning - ability to reason with numbers

4.   Attention to Detail - clerical speed and accuracy

5.   Physical Reasoning - understanding how everyday things work

6.   Spatial Reasoning - ability to visualize in 3D

You don't have to do all of these tests if you feel they are not relevant for you.  We suggest our younger clients do them all, but mature clients who already have a work history should choose what they feel is suitable for them.

7.  Career Interest Profile.  We use a questionnaire to identify your top 3 areas  of interest.

8.  Personality Profile.  This tells you about the kind of work focus and work     environment that are most likely to suit you.

9.   Work Values Profile - We use a questionnaire to identify your top 3 motivators.

10. We also explore your other personal skills, ambitions, and dreams through our   Registration Form.

Career Profile Report

Once you complete the elements above online, we will write your Career Profile Report of around 14 pages.  Your report gives comprehensive details of each of the areas in your profile.  We then organize your counselling session which is one hour in length.  Your report will be emailed to you as soon as it is written.  This is usually within a few days of your completion.  

Career Interview

The cost includes your one hour personal interview with one of our experienced career counsellors, if you are in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, or Facetime, Skype or telephone counselling session session if you are in other areas.  We will take you through your report and help you explore career possibilities and develop an action plan. 

A Career Assessment aims to give you

  • In-depth information to help you think about how well different options might work for you
  • Ideas to explore that you might not have considered and
  • An opportunity to discuss courses, entry requirements and long term career outcomes.
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If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Career Avenues by emailing Marian Kratzing at, or telephoning: Marian Kratzing on 1300 764 641 

You can also start your Career Profile right away by clicking here.



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